Lamine Cam Üretim Hatları

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Lamine Cam Üretim Hatları
Fotoğraf Galerisi

Aerial transfer for assembly of laminated glass with possibility of taking, in the same time, pair of DLF plates in “portrait” configuration.

PVB laying
“2-layer” bridge for laying in the same time a double layer of PVB in order to halve the assembly times and to optimize the cycle times of the line.

PVB stock
6 interchangeable roll stock automatically managed by software intelligence with PVB pre-unwinding system self-fitting to the size of processed plates in order to optimize the PVB consumption and to reduce laying times.

PVB trimming
Automatic bridges for trimming plate edges, top and bottom ends with rotary blade for continuous, fast and accurate finishing of exceeding PVB without damaging plate edges.

Heating and mangling
Heating furnaces and mangling rolls with parameter management in real time.
Once set all parameters through software interface (furnace temperatures and pressures exerted by rolls) their control and management is constantly granted by the control system of the machine with no need of intervention by the operator.

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