Float Cam Soğuk Kısım Üretim Hatları

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Float Cam Soğuk Kısım Üretim Hatları
Fotoğraf Galerisi

Cutting heads with last-generation electromagnet for reliable control and accurate and clean cuts, without burrs. Thanks to the presence of several bridges, up to 15 heads, it is possible to form convoys of very small plates, up to 410 x 410 mm.
Cut lubrication system with oil flow focused straight on scoring which allows putting a minimum quantity of lubricant on glass, suitable also for employ of high-evaporation oils.

Groups of breakout wheels for plate thickness from 2 to 19 mm and special groups of edge detachment clamps for quite thick plates integrated on the same structure of convoy self-fitting to the width of the glass plates.

Breakout groups and dynamic separation telescopic rolls with pneumatic drive, inserted under the glass transport level.
The system can update with accuracy - fully independently - the position of groups along the whole line width during the passage of each convoy and can separate the plates one from the other while passing with high repeatability and rapidity.

Selective conveyor with independent tilting arms for sorting and possible clearing of faulty pieces in each convoy of plates.
Everything once had to be executed by means of several cascade tilting conveyors, with a considerable increase of the line length, is now included in a very short space (max. length of the machine shorter than 3 m).

10, 15, 20 or 40 level vertical buffering machines, “LIFO” type, fully automatic and managed by the control system for the temporary storage (buffering) of plates on line.

PLF unloading
Tilting PLF unloader for plates with max. length up to 8000 mm.
Possibility of release on rack of a single PLF plate in “landscape” configuration or of a pair of DLF plates in “portrait” configuration.
Possibility of unloading in “Tin” and “Air side” mode.

DLF unloading
Single-arm tilting DLF unloader; cycle time: 6 seconds. This unloader, fast and versatile, coupled with an indexed rotating platform with double shuttle allows unloading double SSS plates in the same time on different racks. Possibility of unloading in “Tin” and “Air side” mode.

Robot unloading
Robot driven plate unloading with take “on the spot” for non-stop unload of big quantities of small-size plates.Suction cup frame in aluminium alloy in order to grant lightness, stiffness and quick movements, automatically adaptable, in few minutes, through the control system, to any type of plate to be unloaded with possibility of disabling non used suction cups to minimize air consumption.

Cut and optimization supervision
Brain and soul of Bottero float equipments, this software houses the algorithm power for optimizing the glass band according to the glass quality, the status of the line and the set size.

Line supervision
Software for parameter display, check and setting for prompt management of all line functions and easy programming of jobs.
This software provides in real time the diagnostics of the line, which allows the operators the prompt intervention in case of possible unwished situations.

Drift control system
Camera system with control software for recognition and positioning of top roll tracks.
Thanks to this system it is possible to reckon the possible drift of the glass band and to position the cutting heads so as to have always straight cuts at the max. net width that has been set.

Size control system
Camera system with control software for recognition of edges and check of plate size.
Thanks to this system any plate with process faults can be automatically cleared from the line in order to ensure the production of full batches of glass plates having the correct size.

Report software
Software for managing and displaying the production statistics and the run of the plant.
It allows displaying in real time and printing or exporting every day, at the end of each working shift or campaign or upon operator’s demand, detailed and updated reports about the production run.

Operator panels
Man-machine interfaces placed next to the crucial points of the line for a faster and more accurate management of all machine functions.

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